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The agenda for the annual WLA business meeting, scheduled for September 29, is  available. Reports and other documents are linked on the Executive Board's page.


Wyoming Library Association President Conrrado Saldivar has announced that the WLA Executive Board has approved three proposals to be voted on by the membership at the September 29 business meeting during the annual conference. The proposals are available here as a PDF.

For those unable to attend the conference (register here!), we will be providing a Zoom link to the business meeting at a later time. If your membership has lapsed, you can renew it by logging into your account on the website.

Members are encouraged to read each of the proposals and direct questions to Conrrado. While there will be time for questions and discussion before each vote, the board would like to answer as many questions as possible prior to the meeting.


The detailed conference schedule has been released as a printable PDF and it is also posted here. Online registration is open through Thursday, September 29.

Pre-conferences will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 28 and the conference will be held on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 29-30.


The 2022 annual conference will be held in-person (with virtual aspects through the Whova app) at the Best Western Downtown Casper in Casper, Wyoming. Pre-conferences will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 28 and the conference will be held on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 29-30.

Regular registration runs from Tuesday, August 16 to Thursday, September 29. (Those who register after September 15 will not have a pre-printed name tag.)

Registration for pre-conferences is separate but accessible from the conference registration page.

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Previous Conferences

2021 ▪ October 7-8

Opening Keynote: Jessica Rector
Closing Address: Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes

2020 ▪ October 8-9

2019 ▪ August 7-9
Cheyenne, Little America Hotel & Resort
Keynote Speaker: PC Sweeney
Children's Author: Ron Franscell

2018 August 9-11
Casper, Casper Events Center
Keynote Speaker: Debra Fox
Children's Author: Nanci Turner Steveson
Program ▪ At-a-Glance ▪ Vendors

2017 August 9-11
Sheridan, Sheridan College
Keynote Speaker: Stephen Hughes
Children's Author: Garth Stein
Program ▪ At-a-Glance ▪ Vendors

2016 September 21-23


(previously scheduled at Jackson, Snow King Resort)


2015 September 23-25, Joint Conference with MPLA
Cheyenne, Little America Hotel & Resort
Keynote Speaker: Scott Ginsberg
Children's Author: Jack Gantos

2014 September 24-26
Casper, Parkway Plaza Hotel & Convention Centre
Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Kahnweiler
Children's Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Program At-a-Glance ▪ Vendors

2013 October 2-5

Cheyenne, Little America Hotel & Resort

Keynote Speaker: Lee Rainie

Children's Authors: Rich Wallace & Sandra Neil Wallace

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PRE-CONFERENCE: Wednesday, September 28

CONFERENCE: Thursday, September 29

CONFERENCE: Friday, September 30

POST-CONFERENCE: Friday, September 30




Dr. Camila Alire
Dean Emeritus of University Libraries
University of New Mexico


Zak Pullen
Casper, Wyoming

Wednesday, September 28

1:00-5:00 pm
Grant Writing for Every Occasion
Susan Mark

1:00-5:00 pm
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Thom Kinney

Thursday, September 29

7:30 am
Vendor Set-Up

8:00 am
On-site Registration Opens

8:00–9:00 am
Interest Group Meetings

9:00 am-5:00 pm
Vendor Hall Open

9:30-10:20 am
Breakout Sessions

Session 1
Meet the New WYLDcat
WYLD Office

Join the WYLDcat office staff as they introduce the new Aspen catalog.

Session 2
Queer-Safe Spaces and Programming for Youth

Clara Robbins

All the kids in our communities deserve to feel safe and comfortable in library spaces and at library programs. This presentation is a culmination of Clara’s experiences and advice as a queer nonbinary teen librarian to create that feeling of safety.

Session 3
Communicating Effectively with Your Community: The Rising Importance of Marketing in a Time of Shrinking Budgets
Megan Bratton

Interested in expanding your marketing efforts at your library? This presentation will share tips and tricks for implementing some important marketing, branding, and communication tactics at scale, while also discussing the importance of being able to reach one’s community quickly and effectively in times of crisis or change.

Session 4
Telehealth in the Public Library
Lisa Scroggins and Amanda DeDiego

Natrona County is piloting a telehealth service. Services should be rolling out in September 2022. By the conference, speakers will be able to address the importance of the service, how to implement it, and how it can improve physical and mental health in your community. Telehealth services are showing a positive impact on suicide prevention. These services are designed for anyone who needs them but are especially beneficial to underserved populations.

10:30–11:30 am
Vendor Hall Grand Opening

11:30 am–1:30 pm
Kickoff Luncheon & Keynote Speaker
Camila Alire - "Leading from Where You Stand: Reflections on Leadership"
Followed by WLA Business Meeting

Dr. Camila Alire is Dean Emeritus of University Libraries for the University of New Mexico. Her experience includes various director and dean positions, as well as owner of a consulting practice. Her research focused on library services for Latinos and other minorities, library disaster recovery, and recruitment and retention of minorities in the profession. Join us as Dr. Alire reflects on these positions, as well as positions and awards from ALA, REFORMA, and the Colorado Library Association

1:30–2:50 pm
Breakout Sessions

Session 1
Wyoming Library to Business
Rachael Svoboda and Stephen Boss

Come check out what collaboration can accomplish! Take time to come in and learn about the Wyoming Library to Business (WL2B) Network and how we are supporting our business communities across the state. Spend time learning about the program and its results, chat with partners including academic and public librarians, economic development agencies, and WL2B Network members. Stay if you need to get your questions answered. We want your library in the Network!

Session 2
Naked People and Poop: Dealing with Those Situations You Didn't Learn About in School
Kate Mutch

Let’s talk about those difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. Confrontational and/or embarrassing conversations are much easier to handle when prepared. Tips and tricks from our library and a chance for you to share your tips along with an opportunity to brainstorm solutions for current or future encounters.

Session 3
Mentoring for Staff, Professional and Personal Development
Katrina Brown

Explore the ways staff participation in the L.E.A.D. Mentorship Program can benefit your organization through staff development and leadership training. Experience as either a mentor or mentee benefits the organization by providing individualized guidance and growth. The relationship improves professional knowledge, skills, and confidence. Mentors supplement the supervisors’ efforts and provide protégés with a personal relationship that allows for acculturating, encouraging new talent, sharing expertise and connections, and promoting professional growth. The Mentorship Program provides a low-cost option to develop and retain staff in this challenging staffing environment. Experienced library directors Lisa Scroggins and Katrina Brown will guide a discussion on the benefits to organizations, managers, and directors of staff participation.

Session 4
Cyber Security at Your Library
JT Baker

FBI Special Agent JT Baker talks about the role of libraries in cyber security and what to be aware of in the changing world of online security.

3:00–3:45 pm
Vendor Time

4:00–4:50 pm
Breakout Sessions

Session 1
Sensory Sensitive Events: Adapting for Inclusion
Mynda Camphouse

Library events can be a “wild rumpus” and full of chaotic fun, but for those with sensory sensitivities it can turn into a disaster. More and more libraries are learning that to include this population of our communities, we need to adapt our current events to create a more inviting and welcoming place for those with sensitivities. Learn how Laramie County Library is adapting current events and creating all-new events to bring inclusion.

Session 2
Data Driven Community Engagement
Ashley Brown

This program is a demonstration regarding how to use U.S. Census data, ESRI Tapestry, and Wyoming School data, among other resources, to gather information about community needs. The information is applicable to the development of library programs, collection development and maintenance, and advocacy (EDI) work, in addition to its primary function as a community needs assessment for outreach purposes.

Session 3
Unconference Roundtable Rendezvous
Johanna Tuttle and Jennisen Lucas

An organization is only as strong as its members. Join us as we network and learn from one another through structured individual and group discussions. This fun networking program encourages participants to meet, grow, and build relationships with one another. It provides a way to meet colleagues from around the state, discuss challenges, build a support network, and exchange information and ideas. We all have expertise to share, so attend and enjoy learning from and teaching one another.

Session 4
Shake Things Up! Evolving Your Story Times for a New World
Angel Capone Evans

Are you trying to reach families in these over-scheduled, screen-obsessed times? Have you had to reevaluate everything you do for young children since the pandemic? Are you stuck in a rut with your story times? At Natrona County Library, we have 5 different types of in-house story time programs, in addition to many outreach story times. We will share how we plan and execute Tiny Tots, Reads and Rhymes, Story Time Dance Party, Saturday Stories and Craft, and Paws to Read. We will discuss ways we have had to change these programs pre- and post-pandemic and open the discussion to others to share what is currently working for their libraries.

5:30 pm
Awards Reception

Friday, September 30

8:00 am–12:30 pm
Vendor Hall Open

8:00–9:00 am
Vendor Time

8:00–9:00 am
Interest Group Meetings

9:00–9:50 am
Breakout Sessions

Session 1
Finding and Building Symbiotic Partnerships
Mynda Camphouse

Library partnerships within a community are essential and necessary. It’s not always easy to find a give and take balance that benefits both parties, but when you do it is magical. This presentation and round table discussion will help to better understand how to find and retain meaningful partnerships that can last for years.

Session 2
StoryWalk®: Active Reading, Libraries in Motion!
Chelsie Troutman

Natrona County Library will be launching a StoryWalk® in partnership with the Platte River Trails. A StoryWalk® provides opportunities for children and families to enjoy reading and outdoor spaces at the same time and is comprised of stands distanced about 20 feet apart. The Natrona County Library will be responsible for selecting, laminating, and changing the story 3-4 times a year, which is essentially like taking our children's story times on the road and reaching our patrons in a new and exciting place. Along with the interest in youth literacy, the hope is that the StoryWalk® will also drive traffic back to the Library and create ongoing interest.

Session 3
Use What You've Got: Starting a "Library of Things"
Betsy O’Neil and Megan Bratton

Have you added non-traditional items to your circulating collection? If not, would you like to? With the rise of makerspaces, laptop lending, and mobile hotspot checkouts, more libraries are branching out beyond the "traditional." Learn how you can use only the things your library already owns to create your own "Library of Things." Presentation will include important things to consider when launching one of these "catch all" collections. It's a great way to introduce your patrons to new tech, tools, or experiences in the comfort of their homes.

Session 4
GoWYLD.net: What, Why, Where
Chris Van Burgh

In this session, Chris will talk about why we have what we have in GoWYLD.net and how to access it all. She will also "show and tell" the variety of resources for all ages, whether it is patrons looking for information or exploring lifelong learning, or students doing research.

10:00–10:30 am
Coffee and Treats with Vendors

10:30–11:20 am
Breakout Sessions

Session 1
Adventures in Intellectual Freedom
Terri Lesley and Darcy Acord

Join Campbell County Public Library Director Terri Lesley and Youth Services Librarian Darcy Acord to discuss the challenges to intellectual freedom that began in Campbell County in the summer of 2021.  Terri and Darcy will present information about ways library systems can be prepared for challenges, methods for helping staff cope, and events that surprised them in their community's dispute. A Q&A session will wrap up the presentation. (2-hour session)

Session 2
Wyoming 2-1-1: Your Community Resource
Sabrina Lane

Every day, hundreds of people across Wyoming find themselves in circumstances where, often for the first time, they need resources that can’t be easily found on the internet or in any phone book.  They may be looking for legitimate help overcoming temporary financial difficulties, a community health clinic, food, shelter, addiction prevention programs, affordable housing options, employment resources, support groups and many more such scenarios. 2-1-1 has the answers. As a statewide provider of information and referral for health and human services, Wyoming 2-1-1 understands that finding help with resources can often be confusing and intimidating. 2-1-1 gathers information on resources from across Wyoming so we can help remove that barrier by being a one-stop source of information.

Session 3
Using Breakout EDU to Teach Information Literacy
Jessica Anders

Breakout EDU is a puzzle-solving platform that can be used online or in person. Come learn about developing classes or programming around this interactive educational game.

Session 4
Health Mis- and Dis-Information: What are Library Staff to Do?
David Brown

We’re surrounded by health information from the evening news, the social media channels we engage with, and the websites we visit. Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a “perfect storm” for misinformation to take hold. This presentation will discuss the current understanding of misinformation and disinformation. It will provide attendees with the opportunity to understand and identify mis/dis information and provide techniques to combat such information.  Special attention will be placed on social media posts and other forms of unverified/misleading information. Online resources will be demonstrated to help library staff address issues of health mis/dis information and ensure patrons are referred to high quality health information.  Some specific resources that will be demonstrated include MedlinePlus, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), and clinicaltrials.gov. Participants will also have opportunities to share their experiences with health dis/mis information. Network of the National Library of Medicine Region 4 staff members will be able to further guide specific questions and issues that have arisen during the pandemic.

Session 5
Creative Aging Art Classes in a Hybrid Environment
Melissa Haderlie

Don't let distance or age keep you from learning and teaching new creative skills. Learn how the Lincoln County Library System adapted the Lifetime Arts Creative Aging program to have professional artists teach pottery, oil painting, and cell phone photography to six libraries in a hybrid environment.

11:30–12:20 pm
Breakout Sessions

Session 1
Adventures in Intellectual Freedom
Terri Lesley and Darcy Acord
Continued; see description above.

Session 2
Book Repair for Public Libraries
Mary J. Hipol

Basic book repair for public and school libraries. Repair pages, secure bindings, tip in pages, fix corners, tricks for lining up text blocks and more. A demonstration of tools that can be fabricated inexpensively that makes book repair easier. Discussion on triage and restoration methods and a question-and-answer period. Tool kits will be available if you would like to bring a book that needs help.

Session 3
Diversity Behind Bars
Jeremy Closs

Society sometimes views the incarcerated population as a monolith. Incarcerated library patrons all have one thing in common: they are all inmates. Aside from this, though, they are a multifaceted, diverse population. They follow different religions, embody a variety of gender identities and sexualities, ascribe to numerous political beliefs, live life with different disabilities, and, naturally, read library materials from across a multitude of topics and genres. Like all library professionals, prison librarians are tasked with responding to the diversity in our library communities in a healthy and productive manner. This program will encapsulate the lessons learned about embracing diversity within prison walls and make them applicable to whatever library environment you may find yourself in.

Session 4
Creating a Fun Cybersecurity Night at Your Library
Laura Baker

Get ideas for fun cybersecurity nights with games, locally made videos, and more. CyberWyoming Alliance will demonstrate some fun games to incorporate, review the Cyber in a Box Library program and show some School Video Challenge videos that local students created.  During the 2021-2022 School Year, students formed teams throughout Wyoming to create entertaining cyber safety videos through the Cyber-in-a-Box School Video Challenge.

Session 5
Teaching Global Diversity in a Hybrid Environment
Melissa Haderlie

Finding varied cultural experiences in a frontier Wyoming community can be almost impossible. Tackle this lack of experiences in your community with a hybrid cultural teaching program for all ages. This program features highlights of varied global communities to that include geography, history, language, religion, food, art, music, pop culture, a day in the life, animals, and readers advisory. The program also offers correlating STEAM activities without culturally appropriating or stigmatizing individuals. With a little research and a little know-how with Google Apps, you can fill this vital need, without the costs of expensive speakers.

12:30 pm
Author Luncheon with
Zak Pullen

Pullen's picture-book illustrations have won awards and garnered starred reviews. He has been honored several times with acceptance into the prestigious Society of Illustrators juried shows and the Communication Arts: Illustration Annual, best in current illustration. He will reflect in his process, his favorite works, and upcoming projects.

Friday, September 30
Cost $25

1:30-4:30 pm
School Library Advocacy Workshop
AASL President Kathy Lester


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