Executive Board

Executive Board (2020-2021)

Responsibilities of Officers

Ex Officio Members

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The Executive Board consists of the Wyoming Library Association’s elected officers, ALA Councilor, MPLA Representative, a representative appointed by the leaders of the interest groups, and two Leadership Coordinators. Ex officio members include the conference committee chair, legislative committee chair, communications advisor, executive secretary, and state librarian.

The board coordinates, reviews, and directs the operation of the association and develops its annual budget. Board members must be WLA members. Meetings are held at least twice each year and are open to all WLA members unless the board is in executive session, generally to discuss legal matters, property matters, or personnel matters such as appointments and salaries. Ex officio members do not attend executive sessions.

Written notice of all board meetings, including the date, time, and place, may be sent by mail, email, or fax and are posted here.

Meetings are normally held monthly on the second Thursday from 10-11 a.m. on Zoom (teleconference). Contact Jacob Mickelsen for login information. Find this month's documents here.

Executive Board (2020-2021)

Jacob Mickelsen
Carbon County Library System
(307) 328-2623

Jeff Collins
Laramie County Library System
(307) 773-7220

Past President
Abby Beaver 
Wyoming State Library
(307) 777-5913
ALA Councilor

Janice Grover-Roosa (2018-2021)
Western Wyoming Community College

(307) 382-1701

MPLA Representative

Katrina Brown (2020-2023)
Casper College Goodstein Foundation Library

(307) 268-2036

Wyoming Library Leadership Institute Advisor
Anna Street
Campbell County Public Library
(307) 687-9201

Interest Groups Representative
Johanna Tuttle
Campbell County Library

Judi Boyce (2019-2021)
Sublette County Library

Member-at large
Michelle Boule (2020-2022)
Sheridan College Mary Brown Kooi Library
(307) 675-0223

Responsibilites of Officers


  • Presides at all meetings of the association and the board.
  • Appoints and dissolves standing and ad hoc committees, committee chairs, advisors, and members as needed. Serves ex officio on most committees.
  • Signs all association contracts and other legal documents or authorizes the vice-president/president-elect to do so.
  • Approves all orders or bills handled by the executive secretary.
  • Ensures that all orders and resolutions of the board or association are carried out.
  • Serves as the designated representative of the association in most instances, or appoints a representative when necessary.
  • After consulting the board, conducts the annual review of the executive secretary.
  • Discharges duties as required by a majority vote of the board.
  • Appoints a secretary to keep meeting minutes.


  • Assumes the duties of the president in his/her absence.
  • Serves on the conference committee.
  • Chairs the program planning subcommittee.
  • Discharges duties as required by a majority vote of the board.


  • Coordinates the association’s strategic planning process.
  • Temporarily assumes the duties of the president in the absence of the president and vice-president/president-elect.
  • Informs the Nominations and Elections Advisor when a special election is needed.

Ex Officio Members

Communications Advisor
Elizabeth Thorson
Laramie County Library System
(307) 773-7230
Legislative Committee Chair
Caitlin White
Albany County Public Library
(307) 721-2580 ext. 5456

State Librarian
Jamie Markus
Wyoming State Library



2020-07 agenda
2020-07 annual conference attendance survey
2020-07 budget (proposed)
2020-07 management report
2020-07 membership report
2020-07 minutes
2020-07 minutes corrected approved

2020-08 agenda
2020-08 management report
2020-08 membership report
2020-08 minutes
2020-08 minutes corrected approved

2020-09 agenda
2020-09 management report
2020-09 membership report
2020-09 minutes

2020-10 business meeting agenda
2020-10 president's report
2020-10 state librarian's report

2020-11 agenda
2020-11 minutes

2020-12 agenda
2020-12 bylaws changes Secretary and Treasurer
2020-12 minutes

2021-01 agenda
2021-01 budget (proposed)
2021-01 management report
2021-01 membership report
2021-01 minutes

2021-02 agenda
2021-02 management report
2021-02 membership report
2021-02 minutes

2021-03 agenda
2021-03 management report
2021-03 membership report
2021-03 minutes

2021-04 agenda
2021-04 bylaws change proposal
2021-04 management report
2021-04 membership report
2021-04 minutes

2021-05 agenda
2021-05 management report

2021-05 membership report

2021-05 minutes

2021-06 agenda
2021-06 management report
2021-06 membership report

2021-07 agenda
2021-07 management report
2021-07 membership report

2019-07 minutes
2019-07 YSIG letter to board

2019-08 business meeting agenda
2019-08 business meeting minutes
2019-08 minutes
2019-08 president's report
2019-08 state librarian's report

2019-10 agenda
2019-10 minutes

2019-12 minutes
2020 agreement with Amigos

2020-01 agenda

2020-01 minutes

2020-02 agenda
2020-02 budget (proposed)
2020-02 management report
2020-02 membership report
2020-02 minutes

2020-04 agenda
2020-04 management report
2020-04 membership report
2020-04 minutes

2020-05 agenda
2020-05 management report
2020-05 membership report
2020-05 minutes

2020-06 agenda
2020-06 management report
2020-06 membership report
2020-06 minutes

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