Conference Committee

The conference committee is responsible for annual conference planning, including programs offered as pre- and post-conferences. The chair of the committee is appointed by the president two years prior to the conference. Other members of the committee include WLA’s Vice-President/President-Elect, Communications Advisor, and Executive Secretary, plus a librarian who is responsible for continuing education from the Wyoming State Library (ex officio) and three members at large appointed by the president who serve two-year terms.

 The chair appoints a secretary and may appoint individuals from outside the committee to be responsible for local arrangements, exhibits, and any other convention-related activities that conform to the annual convention handbook.

 The program subcommittee is chaired by the vice-president/president-elect. Other members include a librarian who is responsible for continuing education from the Wyoming State Library (ex officio) and one member appointed by each interest group.

Steering Committee 2021

Conference Chair
Kate Mutch

Natrona County Library

(307) 237-4935 ext. 111

Communications Advisor
Elizabeth Thorson

Laramie County Library System

(307) 773-7230

Exhibits Chair
Jacob Mickelsen

Carbon County Library System

(307) 328-2623

Awards/Grants Committee Chair
Anna Street

Campbell County Public Library

(307) 687-9201

Katrina Brown
Casper College Goodstein Foundation Library
(307) 268-2036
Brian Greene
Wyoming State Library

(307) 777-6339

Program Subcommittee 2021

Conference Chair
Jeff Collins

Laramie County Library System

(307) 773-7220

Judi Boyce
Sublette County Library
(307) 367-4114

Anna Street

Campbell County Public Library

(307) 687-9201


Jennisen Lucas

Park County School District 6

Youth Services
Monica Owens
Albany County Public Library
(307) 721-2580

Local Arrangements 2021

Meals & Catering
Meeting Rooms, Equipment & Technology


Hospitality, Transportation, Packet & Gifts


Evaluation & Monitoring
Corporate Contributions & Gifts


Planning Timeline


  • Identify and fill Advisor and Committee vacancies (President).
  • Start planning the upcoming conference.
  • Work with the program subcommittee to find a keynote speaker (VP).
  • Work with YA and Youth Services interest groups on future Children's Author Luncheon speakers (VP).


  • Distribute request for conference program proposals (VP).
  • Work with a vendor to order books for the Children's Author Luncheon (VP).
  • Think about finding or preparing an intellectual freedom program (ALA Councilor).
  • Develop conference logo (Communications Advisor).
  • Work with the program subcommittee to find and develop programs for the conference. Roughly 45 program submissions are needed to find programs for a successful conference (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).
  • Solicit program ideas from all members.
  • Work with the WLA webmaster to put the program submission form online (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).
  • Work with the WLA webmaster and the committees to put the book award ballots online (Book Awards Advisor).


  • Follow the procedure documents to select awardees (Book Awards Advisor).
  • Create the book award ballot from previous year's submissions (Book Awards Advisor).
  • Publicize the book awards through the WLA website and listserv (Book Awards Advisor).


  • Select programs for the conference (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).
  • Develop the program schedule (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).
  • Work with the Executive Secretary to contract with the professional and volunteer speakers (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).


  • Work with the Awards/Grants Committee to advertise the Nora Van Burgh Grants and other conference scholarships (President & VP).
  • Promote and review Nora Van Burgh grant applications and select awardees (Awards/Grants Committee).
  • Promote and review awards nominations and select awardees (Awards/Grants Committee).
  • Purchase awards (Awards/Grants Committee).
  • Plan entertainment for the awards banquet (Awards/Grants Committee).


  • Coordinate conference handbook materials from the Executive Secretary. This could include vendor lists, articles, announcements, advertisements (Communications Advisor).
  • Work with Communications Advisor on the pre-conference newsletter (President & VP).
---------------months adjusted below based on August conference date--------------

May (?)

  • Give room set-up requirements and speaker biographies to the Conference Chair (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).
  • Give the schedule and any promotional material to the Communications Advisor (Conference Program Planning Subcommittee and Chair).


  • Prepare for the August Executive Board meeting (President).
  • Work with the WLA president and the president of the Wyoming State Reading Council to find replacement committee members for all three book award committees (Book Awards Advisor).


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