Advisors & Ad Hoc Committees

Advisors are appointed by the WLA Executive Board and serve two-year terms, with half expiring each year.

Ad hoc committees are appointed by the president or advisors as needed to accomplish a specific task and serve until that task is completed. The chair of each ad hoc committee submits a report in writing to the president by a date specified by the president, who is responsible for summarizing and communicating these reports to the association membership.

Advisors (2021-2022)

Book Awards Advisor
Melissa Brumsted Snider, Munger Mountain Elementary School, (307) 734-2760

The advisor works with the three book award committees to create a successful awards program. The advisor appoints new members to the book award committees when needed.

Communications Advisor
Elizabeth Thorson, Laramie County Library System, (307) 773-7230

The advisor assists in disseminating information regarding WLA programs and activities, in developing and releasing library advocacy material, and in establishing an effective public "voice" for the association. The advisor reviews and edits all WLA graphical or published materials prior to dissemination to ensure the professional quality of all materials, and serves ex-officio on the Executive Board and the Conference Committee.

Constitution and Bylaws Advisor
Deborah McCarthy, University of Wyoming Coe Library, (307) 766-4228

The advisor makes recommendations for revisions to the constitution and bylaws.

Financial Auditing Advisor
October Dunford, Lincoln County Library System, (307) 877-6961

The advisor audits the financial records of the association using the Agreed Upon Procedures check list for each fiscal year. The advisor presents a final report at the February meeting of the Executive Board and recommends a professional audit of the financial records of the association as needed (at least every five years).

Intellectual Freedom Advisor
Lisa Scroggins, Natrona County Library, (307) 237-4935 ext. 115

The Intellectual Freedom Advisor is the ALA Councilor, and provides services to association members and all Wyoming libraries on questions of intellectual freedom. 

Nominations and Elections Advisors
Abby Beaver, Wyoming State Library, (307) 777-5913

The advisors form and chair an ad hoc committee for finding candidates for association offices and for conducting elections in accordance with the association’s bylaws.

Wyoming Library Leadership Institute Advisor
Elaine Hayes, Laramie County Library System, (307) 777-7232

The advisor coordinates all aspects of the Wyoming Library Leadership Institute and serves as a member of the Executive Board.  

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Ad Hoc EDI (est. 2021)

In July 2020, then-President Abby Beaver created an ad hoc Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion committee to create an EDI statement for WLA and to recommend future activities related to EDI in Wyoming libraries. Volunteers met during fall 2020 and created an EDI statement that was adopted by the Executive Board in December 2020.

The committee will continue its work, including ensuring that resources and future activities are responsive to the needs of WLA members and updating the statement annually. They will also create and maintain information and resources pertaining to EDI initiatives on the WLA website, such as land acknowledgements, diversity audits, and policies that impact those affected by systemic racism and discrimination.

For more information, contact committee chair Conrrado Saldivar.

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Ad Hoc Membership (est. 2021)

Chair Elizabeth Thorson

Laramie County Library System

(307) 773-7230

Samantha Griffis
Gillette College Elizabeth Kerns Daly Library
(307) 681-6220

Johanna Tuttle
Campbell County Public Library System
(307) 682-3223

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Ad Hoc Intellectual Freedom (est. 2021)

Chair Lisa Scroggins
Natrona County Library
(307) 237-4935 ext. 115

WLA President Jeff Collins formed an ad hoc Intellectual Freedom Committee in December 2021. The committee's mandate is to work on providing support for Wyoming libraries and library workers. This support may take several forms, including:

  • Providing a list of Best Practices to ensure good policy and procedures are in place in advance of any censorship challenges;
  • Developing a Toolkit to assist libraries facing censorship challenges;
  • Training opportunities, such as an intellectual freedom "training" PowerPoint, for library employees, school superintendents, and others to understand the importance of Intellectual Freedom;
  • A Marketing and Advocacy Campaign, in partnership with EveryLibrary, to improve the funding future for libraries and image of libraries, librarians, and library workers in Wyoming; and
  • Lists and contact information of library supporters willing to support libraries and Wyoming residents' rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to read, view, listen to, and disseminate constitutionally protected ideas.

The committee has the full backing of the WLA Executive Board.

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