Programming Interest Group (PIG)

Mission Statement/Purpose

To connect Wyoming library employees who are interested in organizing groups, events, programs, sharing ideas to help facilitate a better library community, and making connections between patrons. This interest group is different from YSIG in that the programs, events, and groups discussed will be for all patrons (family, adult, teen, and children).


Chair Amelia Gilbert
Carbon County Library System
(307) 328-2608

Brittany George
Carbon County Library System
(307) 325-9537

Carrie Pardee
Natrona County Library

Cassandra Hunter
Albany County Public Library
(307) 721-2580, ext. 5433

Holly Bauer
Laramie County Library System
(307) 245-3646

Kaylee Bloom
Natrona County Library
(307) 237-4935

Leah Schlater
Teton County Library
(307) 733-2164

Lindsay Hineman
Converse County Library
(307) 358-3644

Maria Wenzel
Carbon County Library System
(307) 328-2616

Melissa Haderlie
Lincoln County Library System
(307) 885-3158

Mynda Camphouse
Laramie County Library System
(307) 773-7203

Sarah Neubauer
Natrona County Library


November 2021

WLA President Jeff Collins said, "In accordance with the WLA Bylaws, I am pleased to announce the formation of a new interest group, the Programming Interest Group!"

The petition to form a new interest group was signed by 12 WLA members and approved by the officers of the WLA Executive Board. Membership will be $10.


None yet.


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